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Opening Update

Good News

It is not unfortunately possible for us to open as we would have liked to and as the hall used to function pre Covid.

Unfortunately we simply don’t have the team members to be able to open and function as we used to.

We have taken the very difficult decision that we can only reopen with the 10 bedrooms on the spa side of the hotel and spa, leaving the main house at present closed, along with the restaurants. We are currently having to plan to run as a bed and breakfast only. We do plan in the future to scale back up and return to the way we used to work all things being well.

We cannot apologise enough for having to let you down, this really is the last thing that we wish to do, but we simply have no choice.  I can only assure you we didn’t enter this decision lightly. We have been running here for 26 years and have never encountered such challenging situations. We sincerely hope you understand our position.

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