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Gold Winning Nominations

Here at Tre-Ysgawen Hall we are extremely proud of our hotel and its reputation – the number of guests who return year after year is witness to that. We know that we offer something extra special and so we’re not afraid of being first with the new when someone else recognises our achievements.

We pride ourselves at Tre-Ysgawen on running a successful business that caters to visitors and to the local community. We are even more proud when our success is recognised by others, as it was when we were announced as the winner of the Best Business Award of 2012. We were also proud to be named as a finalist in the green business award this year.

Peer recognition and awards are second only to our pride in customer satisfaction. In spite of this, it is difficult to express how proud, surprised and grateful we are to have recently been recognised and named as the only gold award winning hotel out of all 33 hotels in North Wales.

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