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Visit the Gardens at Tre-Ysgawen Hall
Sculpture Gardens

Sculpture Gardens

Set within Tre-Ysgawen Hall Country House Hotel gardens are various sculptures and we hope that you take the time to enjoy some of the gardens sculptures during your stay with us.

Sculpture Gardens

One of our popular sculptures is that of 'lady', created by Jue-Hua Liu Böckli and is 19th century.  'Lady' is located in the lower front garden.  The tall wooden men titled 'Encounter' can be found in the secret garden.

Housi Knecht is the artist who created the unusual “G” Polaris sculpture, this is located on the front lawn. The Harp or Harpe D’eau is also by Housi Knecht and so is the stunning sculpture Silver Spirit which is located in the Clocktower courtyard.

One of our newest Sculptures is IDEAS by Simon Gudgeon - One of Britain’s leading contemporary sculptors, Simon Gudgeon has a signature smooth style that marvellously concentrates spirit and nature. His minimalist, semi-abstract forms depict both movement and emotion of a moment captured with a visual harmony that is unmistakably his own.

You can see more garden images in our gallery section

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